Logo Design: 9 Things Learnt In 12 Weeks

1. Pantone Color Names Are Creative & Beautiful

Whilst sat on my sofa, looking towards the living room window at the orchid plant on the windowsill I found myself staring at the colors it owned.

I could see vibrant greens and subtle yellows and violets, these just had to be kept, I took my phone out of my pocket, got up, walked over to the plant and took a few closeup shots. Later that evening I thought about whether there was an app that could name these colors and store them for me..

Color Grab by Loomatix, the first app I found on the android play store, was exactly what I was after!

Wild Blue Blue, Vida Loca, Christi, Rhino, Bouquet, Fiji Green, Au Chico, Bordeaux, Woodrush, Rodeo Dust

The names of these colors brought pure joy to me, I had no idea until then that colors could be named so fittingly. The app shows you the Basic color composition, the HEX number and the Pantone name of the color such as the ones above. It shows the HSV and gives you the ability to tap the screen, adding them to your library. You can change the selection area to blur similar colors and grab the mix result, mix the color you just grabbed and even have the app verbally relay the pantone name or basic colour description with a click of your volume up/down buttons. Check it out.

2. Instagram Is An Inspiration Haven

Fabio Benedetti

I knew Instagram would be a great resource for inspiration. With the millions of users online I imagined all sorts of design work to sink my Pantone P 1-1 U teeth into..

There is an endless supply of designers from all walks of life, in all areas of design on instagram. I personally love the work by Andreas M Hansen & cocorino linked from the picture above.

3. Typography Is Just As Important As The Logo


When it comes to any design work, unless the type is standard copy, Typography and the design of the words used is extremely important and is something I now consider just as much as the logo design itself.

4. Document Color Modes In Illustrator ALMOST Broke Me!..

color profile

Color selection in illustrator was often a nightmare and I couldn’t for the life of me work out why! Every other time I opened or began a document the color setup was never the same. This was happening to me too often to be normal, it couldn’t be my luck with this software could it?

Finally, after weeks of looking around the screens, the palettes, the right click menus, I found it and bloody hell was it beautiful afterwards! It was like my colors were all better, they liked me and we got on like you do when you’ve made a new friendship. Today I can still happily report that my colors are behaving themselves. They stay where they should and act the way I want!…

5. I’m Still Learning To Use The Pen Tool

pen tool

It’s the second most used tool out of my entire collection, just behind Zoom. The Pen Tool is still catching me out, I often press Alt when I mean Ctrl, and Shift for no reason at all apart from button bashing because I think it’ll do what my brain wants. I’m getting there!

6. Adobe Illustrator Is Far Better Than Serif Affinity Designer, Apart From Arraying Objects.

adobe illustrator affinity designer

To be fair, I haven’t spent too much time with either software yet, I’m what you’d call a junior. I initially begin with Affinity Designer and got used to quite a few shortcuts, one of which was the array function which can be pasted with such ease it was unreal. However, after switching to an illustrator subscription I could see that it was far more advanced and professionally finished, so I stayed with it.

7. Color Swatches Are A Blessing

Ever since watching this tutorial on swatches I’ve been ever so grateful for them, what a time saver they are!

8. I Work A Lot More For Clients Than I Actually Charge For


Logo Design, unless you’re a seasoned pro, isn’t usually a service you can accurately judge the length of. How can you be sure you’re going to successfully finish a job within the time specified? You have your own workload to think of, hoping the client is happy with the result of said workload, hoping they get back to you to tell you this information in a timely manner and a host of other tasks that are on the table to do.

I work a lot more than I should for my Clients, however, I feel good for it. I’ve always been a giver, I enjoy bringing a smile to someone’s face, I get to do that with Logo design. Friends have appreciated my work and I have felt great being able to put it together for them. I never did plan very well, it is something I need to get a hold of if I’m to make any real money, but for now I’m happy to just learn and go with it.

9. I Work A Lot More For Myself Than I Ever Thought I Would


I enjoy designing, I enjoy reading about design, I enjoy using my time in this way and so have found that, since this is the case, I spend loads of time working on it.

However, that’s not to say I knew I would be this way before I started looking into the various avenues in the industry! I definitely did not know this would happen..