Case Study: Nordic Muebles

Logo Design Case Study

NORDIC MUEBLES CASE STUDY: A Scandinavian total interior reform & design firm based in Europe, taking on various size projects from single rooms to entire houses.


While designing this logo I was aware that the client had a very specific outcome he was hoping to achieve. In order for this to be a success, we would have to use all of our design experience ensuring to meet the client’s own ideas, as opposed to the company’s need. Always a tricky situation.

Initial Sketching Stage: Idea generation for a personalised logo for Nordic Muebles


FIELD NOTES OUT! Page one of many.. Sketch and idea generation stages are busy times. Here, we pull together all information from the design brief and research stages.


All ideas that come to mind are roughly sketched onto paper! Results will help direct and hone in on design ideas in future stages.

Logo Design Case Study

Sketch Conversion Stage: Transferring analog designs to a digital form, for further manipulation and idea generation.


Once in Adobe Illustrator, further design manipulation and idea generation continues. Some ideas will not make the board, whilst new ideas emerge. New designs are made in a digital form immediately.

Logo Design Case Study

Concept Options: A number of concept are chosen by the designer, collated into a tidy presentation and sent to the client for an initial decision.


Presentations contain many concept designs, meeting all client requirements and specific requests.



Any designs that are not quite up to par, are binned!

Logo Design Case Study

Client confirmation: One specific concept is chosen to move forward with


Final design stages, alterations are made, sent, received, sent, received and a specific design is chosen by the client.


The Client chose to go with a letterform design, combining the N and M from the company’s name.

Logo Design Case Study

Final Handover: The completed logo design is sent to the client!


BANG! Final revisions completed, files are exported in various sizes and file types and sent over digitally.

Logo Design Case Study

Collateral Designs: Alternatives are rarely released to the public, unless for a Case Study of course…


There are always collateral designs left over from every logo design project. Destined are these sorry fellows, to sit in the designer’s backup files for years to come, never to see the client or light of day.


Bless them for their efforts!..

Logo Design Case Study


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